Learning, Confidence and Connection

I experienced an interesting phenomenon this morning. While having a fascinating conversation with a very gifted research based psychology professor, I had a revelation.

The vast majority of communication between two people, involves a subtle jousting of who the other is and how they require you to communicate with them. I spend much of my time, attempting to allow the other as much freedom of thought and conversation, that they can handle, though the exact opposite is the case for the more closed off thinker.

The most creative types of people are privy to this, and they will frame their intended discussion by employing many verbal softeners that are intended to offer the listener a non-threatening communication and learning environment.  Personal stories or metaphors are the most effective at opening up a learning environment, or Art.

This strategy allows gifted teachers to connect with many types of people and is what actually makes them masters at what they do, not necessarily their knowledge or acumen, but the highly skilled way in which they navigate through the blockades and restrictions that many people throw at them.

The less creative and less empathetic, rely on much more narrow and self-centered strategies for communicating with others. This is felt as less understanding and empathetic to the listener (student) and hems in learning and a deeper connection between the individuals.

Confidence then, is the faith one has in their own learning and critical thinking apparatus, not in any superficial characteristic one may possess.

2 thoughts on “Learning, Confidence and Connection”

  1. Interesting thoughts — I like your image of conversation being a bit of a joust. I have found that, as an opinionated person (aren’t most of us? It’s good, actually), that meaningful, thoughtful conversations are more possible when I sincerely listen, ask questions, and worry less about getting my own point across. Not easy to do — but satisfying when I succeed!

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    1. It’s easier to engage such a posture when we are open to any possibilities and do not have our own desires dependent on the outcome. When we are communicating with those we love and rely upon for any of our needs, our ability to connect in such a way is lessened.



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