The Oregon School Shooting!

In the past 18 months there have been 74 school shootings in the US. Today at least 13 young people lost their lives not far from where my kids and I live.

Schools have been hyper-vigilant and anti-bullying rules have been implemented and re-implemented and enforced to the Nth degree.

Schools and those who coach and mentor our kids in extracurricular activities have instituted participation trophies in every aspect of our students life, still we have a major challenge with self-esteem.

Kids would rather kill their peers, and die themselves, than go inside and attempt to reconnect with the parts of themselves that those who refuse to accept and validate our babies, deem is not good enough and unworthy!

What could possibly be going on? Could it possibly be that we have indoctrinated our kids to the point that they have no sense of individuality left? 

No! It’s gotta be easy access to guns! 

This moronic reasoning has left our schools without a clue and helpless, though our school administrators continue to take the advice of our best and brightest!

Like the vast majority of those who’ve we’ve failed in our K-12 education farce, we do not have a clue of how to instruct our children to be what they were born to be, sans the insane superficial competition and questionable ethics that so many who reason like pre-teens seem to be so infatuated with!

Until we as a culture decide to wake the F… up, the carnage will only escalate!

I’m sorry but I do not care if I offend your sensibilities!

2 thoughts on “The Oregon School Shooting!”

  1. In my opinion, this isn’t about self-esteem. It’s about mental health. If there are adequate services so kids are identified and get the psychological and psychiatrical interventions they need, we would be better off. There are psychopathic children; not all are innocent victims. You could say they’re born to be abusive and destructive. I’m not okay with that. Sometimes things are so much more complicated than they seem.


    1. Certainly you are correct.

      To say that 74 psychopaths happened to become violent in the past 18 months or hundreds in the last decade, seems a tad convenient though.

      The pressures on adolescents is massive, but if kids felt more themselves and less restricted and more self-confidant I don’t think they’d be pulling the trigger!


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