A Very Inconvenient Truth!

I watched a very compelling documentary last night that gave me pause. 

I’m the farthest thing from a conspiracy theorist that one can find, and in fact to believe something I require an exceedingly well reasoned deductive argument, but Cowspiracy struck me true. Yes, I know….the title!

Global warming, and much of the destruction of Earth’s environment, including Amazonian and other clear cuttings, is a direct result of our unnatural diet, and our increasing need to farm meat animals.

The US grows most of its crops to feed livestock, uses most of its available land to raise livestock and like the rest of the world is silently killing the planet as a result of the toxic byproducts.

When burned, fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide, and other gases, that are very harmful to the ozone in our atmosphere which protects us from ultraviolet radiation. However when compared to methane, carbon dioxide emissions, are relatively weak.

There is no doubt that ones carbon footprint is deleterious to our environment, however if we all stopped eating meat and dairy in such ridiculously huge quantities we could help heal the planet far faster than our addictions to carbon based fuels.

I encourage you to have a gander at Cowspiracy, I’ve never been more convinced to be a vegan.

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