We either fit in and want to maintain our status, don’t fit in but yearn to, or develop enough confidence to trust ourselves, by meeting life’s most difficult challenges (that are truly gifts presented to us that we might grow). 

We either show up and learn to stand up for and develop ourselves so that we may grow and contribute to others, or we come to rely upon others to do those things we refuse to learn and come to believe that our adapted role is our true nature.

What we believe is true for us, either believing we are our role and requiring help for the basic challenges of life, or freeing ourselves of the labels that restrict us and consciously select our role so that we may live truly.

3 thoughts on “Life”

    1. I never tried to fit in, but I did without trying. Eventually I liked it, and then not so much. I’m thankful for the different perspectives. It ain’t it’s all cracked up to be!šŸ˜‰

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