MaxEd Out Book/Screenplay Idea


Artificial Intelligence (AI), is looming over the consciousness of the collective, as Creatco is nearing the completion of its new UNet (Upgradable Neural Enhancing Transduction) cerebral technology. 

Zander Albright, the front runner in the upcoming presidential election, is a staunch supporter and advocate of AI in general, and Creatco is financing his Candidacy.

By introducing Nanobots into ones bloodstream, they find their way into the neocortex where they affix themselves to neurons that can act as both receivers and transmitters of human cognition and thought.

In is way, anyone can become an instant Einstein, as they have access to the Neural Net, which contains all of the mans collected knowledge, and in real time.

One can instantly be brilliant, witty, sarcastic, ironic or think of the perfect line to pickup that hot chick at the end of the bar.

As people now have access to so much information, but have a limited technical knowledge base (everyone is a technician with very specific jobs within an enormous complex system), this new technology is lauded as the next step in human evolution and its rollout is highly anticipated.

Max posing as an investigatory reporter, wants to expose Creatco and Zander, and seeks an alliance with Ed. 

When Max and Ed meet they know each other and bond deeply and team up to covertly derail Creatco and Zander.



Is the leading mind on the planet as it relates to AI and developing human sentience, though he has no relationship with Creatco. His primary motivation for developing his AI cyborgs are to unconsciously resurrect his father who died when he was 9 years old.

Ed was born and raised in a small town about a three hour drive from the university that both he and Max attend (though they never met in school). He too is very smart, though he has to work at it much more diligently than Max, who just seems to know things. Ed graduates with a perfect 4.0 and eventually enrolls in a PhD program at MIT, studying Quantum Mechanics and Robotics. He wants to create the first AI cyborg with true human conscious awareness.

He was the oldest child of four siblings, and was heavily relied upon by his single mother, who lost her husband (the kids father) when Ed was 9 years old. Ed, like Max, never felt understood but dutifully assumes his role as his families savior, though they never recognize him as such.

Ed and Max meet, when Max learns of his research and reads about his plans. When Max first senses Ed from across the room of his laboratory, she falls for him. Ed, glancing up from his calculations, is mystified by the aura of Max. He’s never noticed a presence like hers before, and unconsciously drops his scientist persona, as they bond immediately.

Max and Ed inspire and elevate each other from the beginning, as both possess an intuition that provides them a sense of certainty that they need each other to grow to the next level. Together they concoct a scheme to overthrow a fascist political regime that they discern will bind the world to a meaningless existence.


An exceedingly brilliant woman who is motivated by her need to expose the BS and less than altruistic intentions of the powers that be at Creatco. This is a direct extension of her lack of connection with and attention from her parents, as they failed to provide her with the love and recognition that she required.

Max Cool was born into a wealthy family, which has old money and provides her with a bit of celebrity because of her last name. She is the only daughter of WASP parents who are both brilliant in their own right, but neither can seem to connect with or understand their very sensitive and precocious genius daughter. They are completely swept up in their societal roles, but on occasion Max can see whispers of honesty and love from both her mother and her father. 

She has always had an understanding of people and a lightning fast mind and wit, that has both helped her understand and empathize with others, but has also separated her because so few can “See” her. In high school she rebelled, getting good enough grades to be accepted by a university on the fringes of the exalted Ivy League, which is barely acceptable to her parents.

She floundered at first, but then fell in love with learning, when a fiercely strong and independent bisexual sociology professor shows her, her own strength. She had been a bit loose with men in the past, always controlling them like pawns when she required her “alligator” to be gratified, but now becomes more introverted and consumed by her need to know.

She becomes an investigative journalist, but finds her famous name limits her creativity and prevents her from being taken seriously. She assumes a false moniker and submits a movie script to a major studio. Her first screenplay is highly lauded and becomes a mega-hit, though no one knows the author, everyone is intrigued. She becomes independently wealthy, though she does not care about fortune or fame.

Max must do much to prevent her true identity from being exposed, but can now separate herself from her parents, who have always controlled her with money.

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