Brain Maturation and Intellectual Development

The stages of Brain Maturation: equates with increasing neuronal speed and speed between connections between brain structures.
*Born with no myelin (white matter: it insulates our brain circuitry and creates our view of the world and develops our cognitive and emotional maturity) in the cerebrum (neocortex).

*By Age 5, our primary personality has been adapted and our secondary psychic energy system is developed in our frontal lobes. (Most of our cerebrum has been myelinated). Our brains are bicameral, they store and sort information differently, causing slower brain processing speeds.

When most of the cerebrum has been myelinated and the personality is set (around age five), the secondary psychic energy/motivation system is brought online in the neocortexs frontal lobes, modulating the cerebellar (midbrain) primary psychic energy/motivation system. The schema that have been largely unconsciously created during the development of ones personality (sensori-motor and pre-logical stages of development), now can be consciously modulated via our conscious Neocortical executive functions.

The neural processing of the neocortex runs at about one quarter the speed of the unconsciously controlled cerebellum, thus the frontal lobes must inhibit a large quantity of the energetic input originating in the cerebellums primary signaling/energetic system, lest it be overwhelmed with energetic input. 

*By age 12 our left brains analytical skills have been developed. The Norm Centrates at this stage of brain development, and goes no further.

*By age 18-20 our right brains intuitive skills have been developed.

We Decentrate: This is the exception rather than the rule, as a result of our societal influences and the Desublimation conforming influences it stimulates.

With continued active and deliberate Development.
*We Integrate our psyche and increase intra-hemispherical speeds up by clearing up the energy demands of inhibiting our repressions, projections, pretenses and discordant thoughts and feelings that result from our assumed beliefs and lack of acceptance of oursleves.

*We integrate our cerebral hemispheres. As evidenced by the increased myelinization and neural speed of the corpus callosum, linking the two cerebral hemispheres. We also clear up the intrahemispherical bicameral discrepancies (our two hemispheres store and interpret information differently), thus increasing inter-hemispherical neural speeds as well as the freeing psychic energy liberated by psychic polarization.

*We Integrate our primary and secondary psychcic energy/motivation mechanisms, and bring our entire brain into an even more energetic harmonic homeostasis.

 Through ones cognitive-emotional-perceptual development the human brain circuitry becomes integrated until it acts as a single unified processor with equalized harmonic circuit speeds. 


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