Mainfestations of Immaturity: (Maturity is opposite to every manifestation) Immaturity is an unnatural consequence of conformity, not the true nature of humans. Humans naturally seek meaning to clarify their lens of reality and to contribute their creativity to others. The immature have walled off their internal realms, and play fully in their external realms, so long as their external environment is properly managed for them.

*Require certainty from others and experiences. They need a manged field in which to operate. 

*Authorites deferred to.

*Rely on a safe environment that they can see feel and touch, not only imagine.

*Only notice obvious objective characteristics of specific objects, events and experiences.

*They do not like surprises, change, and resist new ideas and learning.

*Require constructs, and have difficulty with ambiguous situations without clear rules.

*Poor synthesizers of information, relies on specific facts. 

*Poor long term memory recall.

*External need for validation.

*Tends to be Extraverted (not Jungian, but outside directed) and extrisinsically motivated.

*Lack Empathy, Creativity and discernment.

*Lack of achievement and resist risk taking activities.

*Over reliance upon reasoning as they cannot interpret their internal feelings and thoughts. Poor reasoning skills, but they have a deep need to be right.

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