Though I never intentionally initiate any arguments with my neighbors, I do tend to attract those who love a good argument. 

For the last 6 months or so, a couple in their 30’s has lived directly below me. I began noticing a frantic knocking noise coming from below me, whenever I had Brooklyn stay with me.  

At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but then I noticed a strong correlation between the pounding on the floor and when 33 pound Brooke would run into the kitchen.

I began to link the considerable noise she made from her bare feet on linoleum floor must be too much for the guy who lives beneath me to bear. 

Two nights ago, after suffering a unusually brutal pounding from beneath, I made my way downstairs to share some words with my neighbor!

As I entered the staircase, he was also apparently on his way upstairs to have some words with me. He never made it up, as I launched into him for scaring the hell out of my 4 year old daughter!

I don’t remember him getting a single word out of his mouth, but he did apologize the next day as we ran into each other traversing our stairs again. 

I detest irrational people who require sanctuaries to function as humans, but I’ve found that by confronting them, they tend to fold like the cowards they are.šŸ˜‰

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