“The Price of Conformity, Everything!The Price of Vulnerability, a momentary Ego blow!”-Gump

Though the unnatural act of conformity is by far the norm today, its adoption by the individual is not without severely negative consequences.

What the conforming individual fails to consider is, that yes there will be an appearance of acceptance by the group, but they have sacrificed themselves and those that love them in the process of securing certainty from outside of themselves.

When an individual cannot go inside and define who they are, who they are becomes a moving target. The conformed individual has denied and fractured their psyche to such an extent, that they don’t know who they are. This leads to a fear of going inside, so the conformed individual must necessarily go outside to appear alive and functioning as a healthy mature adult.

To buttress this behavior, conformed individuals seek out other conformed individuals that they respect for their ability to do things that they themselves have not yet developed an ability to do well. No conformed individual knows themselves, therefore they could not possibly know their conformed “friends” and confidants.

When reasoning with the conformed individual, their intention is never to out reason another, but only to appear to win any argument for their own sense of validation. We naturally seek meaning and truth by being curious within our environment before we are conformed, after we conform, truth and meaning mean very little. Conformed individuals have sacrificed their internal sense of truth and morality, for the certainty of the conformed masses, and in doing so must now support the external persona’s of those who support them, not what is true.

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