growth and Growth

From a child’s perspective, growth is an obvious phenomenon, people grow up and get taller, bigger, fatter and older.

As the child grows up, they learn through experience, that in order to survive and gain the things that will assist them in surviving and providing them a modicum of pleasure in life, they must do things that they do not particularly like, but are necessary if they are to survive. Doing what we don’t want to do, but what aids us, and our loved ones survival, is the defintion of maturity within the context of the adult child’s eyes.  

The materialist and the realist adult, with their eyes firmly fixed upon the external, also view the world though this lens. Maturity and growth is growing physically, skillfully dealing with the trials of life, and is a given based on ones time and experiences. Internal integration and maturity is not truly considered as a separate and vital achievement for growth to occur.

Brain, psychic and spiritual maturity are quite a different matter in the eyes of those who have gone inside and actively and deliberately attempted to learn the lessons of life, despite whether or not they have succeeded or failed when the lessons of life have been presented to them. 

Beating oneself up for not being perfect, when they realize they missed an opportunity, does not occur to those who want to grow internally, only the recognition of what they didn’t “See” before matters, as now they can amend what they weren’t aware of before.

When we know who we are, what we are, why we are alive, and we are aware of the roles in which we play, the perfect expression, within our roles matters not. We can easily self-deprecate and we do not get offended when others point out a flaw or a mess up on our part. 

You see we are not truly any particular role or self that we play in the game of life. We are the being that is aware of the roles in which we play. When we can select which role, with which person and with which experience will best help our being express as we must to contribute and lift up the whole, we can live as we are truly intended to.

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