Make It All Stop!!!

The significance of shutting off our incessant brain chatter that vies for our attention, but robs us of our intention, cannot be overstated!”


Overwhelm is a manifestation of becoming so disenchanted about how ones life is going that an individual literally shuts down. 

This disengages the active inhibiting energies one normally burns through to neutralize their polarized psyche (internalized conforming superego and their angry shadow components) as well as their primary energetic motivational drive (Id, reptilian brain) from overwhelming our slower neocortical neural processing speeds prior to brain integration.

By shutting off these expensive energy drains, similar to Jungs Trascendent Function and concept of Enantiodromia, the individual can actively or passively reset themselves. 

Actively resetting oneself is answering the call and the entrance into an individual Hero’s Journey, and ultimately the gateway to rebirth.

Whether or not the call gets answered is largely a function of the confidence and intrinsic motivation that the individual has achieved in their life experience. However a new way of viewing the world is needed to elevate the individual above the restrictions that have bound them in the past. 

Meditation and centering oneself, are techniques one may employ to acheieve relief from these energy drains, acutely.

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