The Equalizer Personality

An Equalizer is a person who enjoys a certain amount of respect from their peers. Through experience and their relative intellect and character, they are looked to by those with less awareness, and provide counsel to those who are attracted to them. 

They encourage those who get frustrated from the trials and tribulations of the game of life, but they cannot yet assist others in seeing the deeper truths of life, because they themselves have too many unanswered questions that keeps them stuck.

The Equalizer, is in fact questioning their own role in life and hones their role by helping others feel better. However to grow themselves, the Equalizer requires the assistance of a more advanced and aware being, to provide them with the certainty they still need to mature past their role of a sage to the less aware.

The Equalizer is really an aware expression, who has one foot in the unaware world and one in the awareness of being world. Their over reliance upon the traditions and conventions of the conformed masses keeps them stuck. They only require a bump off the fence of unbelief to “See” what they have always been looking for. But that bump requires an active effort on their part.

Vulnerability, like in all stages of growth and maturity, is the key for the Equalizer to become what they are truly capable of being.  Releasing themselves from the restrictions of their role, and the energy they gain from massaging the pain of others, will provide them all the energy they require to give in ways they never imagined before.

A Great Example for all of “The Game of Thrones” fans out there is, Stanous Beratheon. He has committed to one ideology, though on his own he knows the truth. He’s put his bet on certainty, denying his own intuitions.

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