The Martian

I saw the movie “The Martian” yesterday, and I have to say it was outstanding! I was a little hesitant to see it, as it seemed too much reminiscent of Damon’s “Interstellar” role, but it was so much more.

Damon gets left behind for dead on Mars, on his own he must meet and overcome many Herculean challenges. I’m not sure people can actually grasp the level of awareness, mental strength and maturity, and the shear intellect it would take to survive, cope and even thrive considering his unique set of circumstances.

Like Adam, sans Eve, this man must use his intellect and harness all of his resources both internally and externally to devise a way to live for two years on a planet that is not at all like earth. He is never certain that he will live another day, nor does he even know that NASA knows he is still alive. Despite the incredible odds, he does what only he can do, and skillfully meets the challenges presented him.

In my late 20’s I went to a self-development course that was held in the woods at a less than opulent BoyScout Camp. We were instructed not to speak with another person at anytime that we were outside of the classroom. This meant that for about 12 hours a day, not one word could be spoken between us. When we stepped into class in the mornings, some of the students would let out gasps that they were dying to speak to another soul! It was brutal on those who tended toward being more extraverted. My class lasted 5 days, and we could interact daily during our class time, Damon had no rules, no constructs and no people to communicate with without knowing if they knew he even existed. 

This movie showcased the quintessential example of what a human is capable of at the highest levels. Damon was brilliant and intuitive, much more so than the many gifted souls that helped him eventually return to earth. When Damon was communicating with those who had risked it all to save him, he was always coaching them in the most life affirming way. When his rescuers did not know if his ideas would work, he would throw out a perfect joke or say exactly what the other needed to hear to give them the understanding and motivation that yes, they just needed to trust the intention behind the idea.

The character development in The Martian was exquisite and spot on!

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