Our Mental Construct of Reality:

*Humans are limited in comprehending the complexities of the world, so we must construct our own view of reality.
*A perfect construct would describe reality perfectly, both mentally and physically.
*Areas where our construct is not well adapted, are areas that we do not understand our own beliefs and have not adequately honed our own belief justification criteria.

Beliefs define we are and who we are not, our identity. And beliefs and our identity become our habits.

Our Reality is comprised of conscious and unconscious beliefs. The more we are aware of our own most fundamentally held beliefs, the more we know ourselves and can manage and select our identity expression, in any given situation.

The higher our awareness of our identity, the less we require psychological defenses, boundaries and limitations.

Only when we have outlined our own most fundamentally held beliefs, we can amend and clarify them at will. This allows us to actively seek out additional knowledge, so that we may sharpen and solidify our own more objective view of reality, and we can become the meta-programmer of our own minds, and proactively choose our roles at will.

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