Pondering Human Nature

Our human nature propels us to reach, risk and grow, by seeking meaning through sensually intense experiences. A child clarifies their lens of reality through natural curiosity and courage. 

When a child enters school, they no longer are allowed to explore naturally, but forced to learn things that those who created the rules think they should know. 

Why are those things important for the child to learn, and is the way in which it is forced upon the child in line with human nature and life systems? 

Have we all just accepted that because our systems exists, that it is as it should be?

Around the time that a human adapts their personality (5), they are indoctrinated into society. New rules, restrictions and authorities are introduced to them, and given deference over their own self and creative nature in order to maintain safety and order and the system that has been created over the years.

Soon authorities and rules become much more important than ones own thoughts, creativity or opinions, and most people acquiesce deferentially to the rules provided them. A person is considered successful and even happy, if they can operate within the system, and unsuccessful and unhappy if they cannot.

Rules and restrictions keep people from submitting to their lower animalistic tendencies and foster the survival of the group, or that’s how the logic goes. If people did not have rules that described what behavior was deemed acceptable and unacceptable, would the world end or would it be better?

Is it the very rules that place the constructs of systems above that of our human nature that reinforces our problems, or do the rules prevent society from collapsing?

Is judgment of good and bad a natural human thought process, or is it introduced to maintain the control of the collective?

Would it occur to a unconditioned human that what we think is good, is good and what we think of as bad, is bad?

With our highly specialized and separated technical society, are we reinforcing our nature, or are we getting further away from ourselves?

Is safety and security better than the natural human endowments of risk, learning and creativity, or does the emphasis upon safety and security above our human nature harm us?
Was there a time when people were more proximate to most of their own life decisions, or is it better now that rules and Authorites make most of our decisions for us?

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