Stop Thinking For Me and Think For Yourself!

Yesterday my 18 year old daughter was in the Goodwill shopping. 

She came to an aisle where an elderly woman was blocking most of the walk way with her scooter, but Haelie thought she could scootch by without bothering the lady. 

As she moved past the woman, Haelie accidentally bumped a 99 cent plate, sending it crashing to the floor. 

She apologized and got down on the floor picking up her accident so others would not be affected.  

The elderly woman on the scooter warned Haelie that the glass shards could cut her hands.

A store employee ran up and told Haelie to stop and that the glass shards may cut her hands.

The employee and the elderly woman then spoke about how the glass shards could injure Haelie, chastising her for attempting to pick up the larger glass shards without a broom.

Haelie, could probably draw the chemical structure of the silica and the other amorphous components of the broken plate, but those instructing her thought it wise to let her know what she knew when she was 3 years old.

Can we not just all be humans and do our best to help each other sans the jejune logic?

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