Center, Balance, Integration

We all have many distractions that tend to pull away from our center. Acutely for instance, hunger, thirst, tiredness, attraction, disgust, fear, interest, need and many other things can capture our attention and intention.

Our center, our set point is ours uniquely and predicated upon our own physical and mental apparatus, both genetically and what we’ve done to improve them and injure them.

Our brains have evolved through three phases reptiles, mammals and oir human executive neocortex.

The reptile brain likes flashy things, sexy things; gets cranky when we are hungry, tired, and lonely; gets excited, mad and happy and requires attention immediately, especially if we have not effectively integrated it’s control into our human executive brain. The reptile acts when a stimulus presents itself, it does not think, but it is our primary motivation center. No reptile, no drive.

Our mammalian brain, or our emotional limbic brain, allows our reptile to think a bit more by attaching feelings to behaviors and other feelings. We like dogs because they love us unconditionally, as they do not possess a higher human brain to mess up relationships as we tend to.

Our executive brain, applies reason to our reptiles needs and our mammalian feelings, however our logic is not always correct and in fact if we we truly smart we would spend more time understanding the needs of our reptile and the feelings of our golden retriever, before assuming that our logic is so sagacious.

Creativity and intelligence, our factors that our enhanced by our brain functioning as a unit, as it was intended to function. If our reptile or mammal ran the show we’d not be human, however they both provide us wisdom when balanced with a little humanity. 

Part of our reptilian brain, the same part that provides us balance and fine motor skills, also unconsciously assembles from many parts of our brain, memories, ideas, feelings perceptions, sensations and intuitions to so that we can act and think quickly. This part of our brain must be fast to keep us alive and balanced literally and figuratively. It’s neuronal speed is about 4 times faster than our human brain, and our human brain must actually subdue or inhibit it, lest we become overwhelmed with information that we can not process fast enough.

Smart kids, can process more information from this part of the brain, at a young age. We all can enhance the connection and the speed between our brains, just as smart kids do naturally. We get into trouble when we overuse our logical human brain and continue to inhibit our speedy intuitions and deny that our reptile requires a little babying. 

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