Fostering Critical Thinking in Children

Fostering critical thinking in our children: this is an active and ongoing process. One must themselves possess a firm grasp of critical thinking skills.

1. When they ask a question about something that they’d like to know about, ask them what they think about it and why. Then ask more questions intended to get them to think of other possibilities. Share with them resources that may help them find their answers through their own volition. This builds self-confidence and a self-motivated metacognitive learning posture.

2. Always hold them able to their highest expression, assume they can problem solve on their own, your job is to spark and channel their interest.

3. Always be honest with them, to the extent that they are able to emotionally handle it. Kids are always able to handle more than most think they are, when they know you are open with them.

4. Praise children when they’ve done something that they weren’t able to, and discovered they are capable. Praise children sparingly for what they’ve already mastered.

5. Set up situations where children can learn lessons on their own. Telling children rules without they themselves buying into the reasons behind the rules, mystifies children.

6. Be silly often and link jokes, rhymes, songs and mnemonic learning devices to play with your children. Encourage them to do the same with you.

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