Passive vs. Active Living

“Anything that isn’t yours that you rely upon to function, is a compromise of you that you took from someone else.”


Passive living

Assuming what you perceive is true without adequate justification, or assuming what others think, that you don’t particularly like, is not true without adequate justification. Relying on the certainty of ones personal beliefs as truth, without considering other well reasoned arguments. Accepting the beliefs of others without adequate well reasoned justification.

Relying upon others for what an adult is capable of doing themselves (irresponsible). 

Giving up quickly after one has failed (Lack of perseverance).

Needing to be right, despite evidence and adequate reasoning to the contrary.

Fear of the unknown which is knowable, and not actively dispelling ones fears.

Wanting to be someone other than who you are, or idolizing another for an ability that you wish you had that you never took the time to develop, or have not accepted the fact that you tried your best and failed.

Lack of vulnerability: lack of openness and honesty, and not risking what one must to express as themselves truly.

Lack of self-deprecation: if one takes themselves so seriously that they cannot easily laugh at their own falsity and blunders, and takes on offenses that turn into resentments, then they believe more in their role than their own being. Their ability to be honest is compromised.
Nonacceptance of oneself: one can never truly understand or accept others.

Active Living: The Opposite

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