Can You Hear Me?, Does This Resonate with You? Relationship Connections

The Color, The Same Wavelength: is sharing equivalent or similar beliefs and worldview with another. Wavelength determines the color or expression, from long radio waves, through the visible spectrum to short Gamma waves.

When you turn the dial to search for a radio station, you are changing the wavelength to equal the wavelength of 95.5 FM, for example. 

When you find what you’re looking for you’ve found your wavelength.

The Intensity! The Same Frequency: is the depth of the connection between two people, it can be the deeper understanding or a more superficial one, the frequency connection must be similar to connect. All different forms of electromagnetic radiation can have more or less energy and is related to its frequency

When you turn up the power in your microwave oven, you’re increasing the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation, more energy, as you are when you turn up the power on a halogen light.

Crazy people like me tend to change our wavelength and frequency on our own rather quickly, that freaks people out!

Most of us tend to keep a pretty solid wavelength, on task with the expectations of our role, but our moods change our frequency or our intensity. To be able to change ones wavelength they must be aware they are playing a role, or just be very good at playing the game. Both postures appear as the same expression to those who cannot discern the difference.

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