Being your Being

My ex used to tell people how I was playing my role wrong. She’d offer it up to them (perceived authorities) right in front of me to them, while never revealing anything about herself other than she was fed up with my problems. It was her last attempts to control me so she didn’t have to grow herself. She had been pushed as far as she possibly could be by herself in her role that she believed in with all of her heart. She found an example of a man playing the role she wanted to balance out within days, so many believe in their roles and don’t know or own their being.

To know your being you must actively push yourself through many challenging experiential perspectives and deliberately learn while amending your beliefs yourself, otherwise you’re trapped in a role that you believe is you. You are your being, fear of change binds you to your role and you miss the big picture.

You really cannot sell your being we only rent our souls to others when we’re sell swords 

Comfort Zones feel good to stay in, but so does a heroine buzz.

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