Selling and Being

When we sell ourselves to others, we also buy or don’t buy others selves.

Those who look for and hire “sell swords”, will have a great time when battle is easy.

It’s just no matter the loyalty a “sell sword” pledges, they’re the first to split when the battle turns.

You either know your being and look for other beings, or you choose a self and other selfs to suit you.

You either have your own heart and can see and attract others to it, or you keep your sell sword happy, lest they fight for another.

Relationships aren’t about getting something from the other, they’re about helping each other to grow.

When you know your own being, you can know and love another, before that you’re a “sell sword”.

Sell swords are looking for the next better opportunity, they may profess a general reason why they wander, but it’s a better deal to them always.

Like selling oneself, money can never buy honor as it can only motivate us externally, like love, honor and commitment can only flow from the inside out.

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