The Truth of the Matter

Selling and Being
In the series “The Game of Thrones”, “The Second Sons” are a band of about 2000 mercenaries, or “Sell Swords” that fight for the highest bidder. They fight for money and prefer sure things. When the battle gets tough, those who work only for what it profits them personally, and not for the internal reasons of honor and what is the highest good, lack the motivation to fight until the end.

When we sell ourselves (our idea of who we want to be known as) to others, we also buy or don’t buy others’ selves, as is the compromise in lieu of our true being.

Those who look for and hire “sell swords”, will have a great time when the battle is easy. One needs more of a driving motivational force than comfort or money to stick by others when the times get challenging.

It’s just no matter the loyalty that a “sell sword” pledges you, they’re the first to split when the battle turns, or times get difficult.

You either know your “being” and look for other beings, or you choose a self and other selfs to suit you.

You either have your own heart and can see and attract others to it, or you keep your “sell swords” happy, lest they fight for another and abandon you when you think you need them the most.

Relationships aren’t about getting something from the other, they’re about helping each other to grow.

When you know your own “being”, you can know and love another fully, but before that you’re a “sell sword” and your perspective is limited to the extent that you’ve not taken responsibilities for the challenges that you are alive to workout here in this existence. Some have more challenging challenges than others, but it’s really about accepting your own challenges and working them out as only you can.

“Sell swords” are looking for the next better opportunity, they may profess a general reason why they wander, but it’s a better deal to them always as they’ve yet to accept their challenges. We get in our own way and until we are out of our way, we express at lower levels than we are capable of.

Like selling oneself, money, security and things can never buy honor and can only motivate us externally. Love, honor, inspiration and commitment can only flow from the inside out.

Our Journey
We are all presented with our own Hero’s journey to prove ourselves to ourselves. This builds enough confidence to see ourselves as we truly are. Until we prove ourselves to ourselves we are stuck or in another’s journey without knowing that we are.

Intelligence and intuition overlap, it’s about varying degrees of pattern recognition and knowing; not specifics, general abstractions and an over reliance on reasoning.

Until you’ve completed the journey you “need to be right”, When you’ve completed your hero’s journey you’re most likely right without fighting about it.

If it costs you something to be wrong, you have a blind spot in that area.

To know your being you must actively push yourself through many challenging experiential perspectives and deliberately learn while amending your beliefs yourself, otherwise you’re trapped in a role that you believe is you. You are your being, fear of change binds you to your role and you miss the big picture.

The most aware, intelligent and responsible among us are polyglots and adapt our role and language to those who are less aware and require it.

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