Human Drive

Our Two Motivational Energetic Systems
The Cerbro-Cellebellar Blending Mechanism

Our primary motivational system: (located in the primitive reptilian brain)

Is centered in the lower brain and controlling energetic responses and feelings. It is our internal motivational drive source. For those who are conformed, their reptilian needs (Id) and there internalized rules and constructs (Superego, in lieu of their own internal personal sense of morality), battle each other for control, leading to lower neuronal speeds and results in expending energies repressing what they feel like and what they feel others want them to do. This encourages arrested mental development, until the individual can free themselves of their external locus of control. This primary energetic system is common to all animals, but plays an interesting role in humans as we possess the gift of choice.

Our Secondary motivational system: (located in the frontal lobes of the human neocortex)

An average individual possesses a level of brain maturation where their signaling rate of their secondary system has only about a quarter of the reaction speed of their primary system. This means that our peculiar type of human consciousness can only exist by actively inhibiting the lower primary reptilian system, lest we be overwhelmed and unable to function.

šŸ”µReptile Primary Motivational Drive (4 times faster than our Secondary Drive)

šŸš«to maintain consciousness most humans must inhibit much of their Reptilian Drive

šŸ”“Frontal Lobe Secondary Motivational Drive (we can develop and speed up and release inhibiting energies to be employed for cognitive development).

Switching off our Secondary Executive Inhibiting Energetic System:

*Hypnotism/Trances: The Secondary Signaling/Energy control system in the frontal lobes gets switched off. The hypnotic provides access to ones uninhibited animalistic powers (unrestricted reptilian motivation).

*Spiritual Masters/Kung Fu Masters: Are able to enter into a heightened state where they shut down their secondary frontal lobe inhibitor, and with acuity and accuracy physically intend their primary energetic power. Time stands still as the right mind pauses it for a fraction of a second and acute displays of superhuman feats are displayed. In the state they have special powers and savant abilities. 

*The Average Individual:When made manifest, this state is also similar to certain states of hypnosis. In these states, the hypnotized subject has greatly increased physical strength, heightened perception and an extended field of memory. There is much similarity between the awareness of people at the Concrete Intuitive level and the “no-mind” state described in Zen literature.

If we could activate primary consciousness (while inhibiting our secondary inhibitor) while at a normal level of brain integration, the higher centers would be swamped with energy input that would overwhelm the individual. Even with the completion of Formal Relations (right and left brain development), one cannot control their primary signaling system, but must utilize energy to inhibit it, as ones brain is not integrated and therefore ones nerve conduction is too slow. 

Other Factors Influencing Executive Functions: anxiety, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and inactivity can seriously impair adolescent executive functioning as adults, which plays such an important role in creating and maintaining goal-directed activity.

ADHD: Research shows that the three parts of the brain that are most heavily involved in ADHD are the areas of the brain that also control motor activity. Due to the overlap between motor and mental control, activities that encourage aerobic exercise, strengthening, and stretching, stimulate the executive brain. 

Modalities to Improve Executive Functions and motor control: can be improved through patterned programmed movements thought to be particularly beneficial for executive functioning, which include martial arts, yoga, dance, swimming, and drumming.

Full Brain Maturation

Through proper maturation, higher cortical brain structures become more developed. There is both a better specialization and delegation of functions. A greater degree of integration of those functions, with whole-brain synchrony of dominant wavelengths, so that the degree of inhibition of primary centers can be reduced, freeing much internal motivational energy. Ultimately the secondary system of higher centers can fully integrate with the reptilian brain mode of consciousness, and brain speeds can increase considerably. MRI and other studies have shown a more integrated brain pattern and more efficient utilization of glucose by the brain. It becomes easier to think faster and better.

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