Learn the Languages

The Price of Awareness:

The more aware one is, the fewer comrades they will have to commiserate with and be validated by, as the majority of us are ideologues, technique based thinkers or possess limited and unintegrated Knowledge bases. 

The attraction to adopting the thinking of the day, deferentially to what we truly think, is that so many others understand the common tongue and our acceptance by the crowd is nearly assured.

When one thinks for themselves, deferentially to the crowd, social interactions and acceptance can be limited, until one learns the vernaculars of all or most of the roles that humanity plays. 

When we are polyglots, and we can recognize the various roles that those we interact with play, it is our responsibility to speak to others in their language of choice, not our own.

People are not very forgiving when they feel unrecognized or diminished as a result of interactions with others who do not honor their traditional expression. 

When a polyglot is undergoing a particularly stressful time in their lives and are not expressing at their normal set-point, those who speak one or few tongues cannot comprehend their aberrant behavior and tend to employ simplistic and superficial explanations consistent with their understanding of human behavior, to understand them.

Like the affront of not speaking ones language to those who speak only one language, the polyglot can be temporarily offended by the presumed insult. However, only the polyglot is aware of this.

It is the polyglots responsibility to amend such misunderstandings, not those who speak only one language.

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