True Leadership through True Education

“The birds sing in the West, the birds sing in the East, if one knows how to listen.”

-Lord Varys (Game of Thrones)

Extelligence, the highest form of leadership.

The ability to transfer ones ability to think constructively to those around them, lifting up the group. 

As opposed to Intelligence, which only effects the individual. 

The current culture is not arranged for the Extelligent transfer of thinking processes, it’s too sterile and detached. However that is where we are headed as as species if we don’t destroy ourselves first!

As more Metaverts develop themselves, we will experience an increased presence of extelligence, and the resultant elevation of our world.

Normally we are all polarized, either tending towards introversion or extraversion. Metaversion is a non-polarized expression that allows one to deliberately intend their focus without a polarized unconscious motivation. It is a protracted state of awareness and focus.

Metavert State and Meta-metacognition

Serious active work in increasing ones right and left mind integration, Individuation, increasing ones knowledge net through post-formal operations (trialectic reasoning) will increasingly make active aware learning and trialectic reasoning a daily experience and domain general, rather than just in a specific area of expertise.

Moving into Metaversion

Trialectic reasoning is the transitional phase between the last stage of Postformal Operations and the sixth stage of intellectual development, Mature Intuition and Metaversion. 

When critical and creative thinking mind development skills have been internalized, practiced to the degree of effortless competence, on a domain-general basis, a sixth stage of development then naturally follows, called Mature Intuition. 

The Cerbro-Cellebellar Blending Mechanism: is now unconsciously intuiting instead of running disjointed imbalanced habitual left brain automatic programs unconsciously from the cerebellum alone. This transference of the reptilian primary signaling center of ones psychic motivation, can only occur when the brains architecture has become integrated and all circuitry is running at speeds that make it internally conducive to do so (the unintegrated neocortex runs four times slower than the natural set-point of the cerebellum). We have conscious access to our subconscious shadow components, consciously and unconsciously, and we control our focus and intention.

Creativity is Released (creativity is an emergent characteristic which is comprised of intelligence, knowledge, self-confidence, internal motivation and ones internal urge to express).
When this stage is reached, all significant cognitive structures have sufficiently matured enough to be utilized pre-reflectively or intuitively. The individual can then make use of his creative and intuitive skills to become a breakthrough thinker and leader.

Transcends Extravert/Introvert Stage: Metavert

This state transcends Jung’s introvert and extravert orientations – it is ‘Metavert’ – the individual can chose introspective introversion or expressive extraversion, as appropriate to his circumstances and needs. 

No Automatic Neurotic Tendencies 

He has no neurotic compulsions nor inhibitions regarding one or the other; he is essentially free of any conforming control. He can focus internally or externally at will, rather than being driven by the unconscious conditioning of his experiences and upbringing.

Thought is Intuitive, Visual, Metaphorical, Transverbal

When we are dealing with a low level of abstraction, concerning concrete objects, we may think entirely without words. As we ascend the ladder of abstraction, words form an increasing part of our mental content. It may appear, from superficial observation, that people operate non-verbally at high levels of abstraction. In most cases this is an illusion… some form of imagery is being used, as a surrogate language. 

There is, however, Intuitive Thinking. This is not thinking in the same sense; it consists of mental operations at high speed, often in parallel and outside the frame of consciousness. 
At the cognitive level of Mature Intuition, words are sometimes used; however, because of the speed of the process – typically the speed of thought exceeds 1,200 words per minute and continues sub-cognitively – and because the process occurs largely outside of awareness as an intuitive process, there is an illusion of non-verbal thought. We can’t think in terms of the speed of inner speech anymore, because in this Metavert state, thinking is transverbal, we think too fast.

Beyond Traditional Verbal Language (Transverbal)

Thought, in the Metavert state of Mature Intuition is beyond language. The Metavert does not have to think reflectively, he just knows – all the reflective judgments are being made at high speed beneath the surface of consciousness, an intuitional process. He has access to the contents of both the affective and the cognitive subconscious as resources for intuition.

Harmonic Intelligence

In the Metavert state one operates at a higher harmonic of intelligence, that of Certainty. 
Most of a Metavert’s thinking is intuitive; by this I mean that one perceives, poses and resolves problems intuitively. 

Most of a Metavert’s thinking is transverbal and visual; one is thinking in meanings rather than words; one only needs to think conventionally when one makes conclusions and in order to explain things to another person. One can do this easily, because one retains access to all the skills of Formal and Post-formal thought, so much of one’s experience at the Metavert level can be translated into words.

Integration of Intellect and Emotions: Eclipses Ego Identity

At this final stage of mind development the intellect is integrated with feeling and both of these functions are put on automatic. The remaining active thinking continues the level of the Ego or conscious self. The functioning of the Ego itself becomes witnessed – a higher and transcendent state of consciousness. 

One of the hallmarks of this state is that the self is not involved with the world. 

Thinking, feeling and perception can function below the level of conscious attention, just as muscular motor coordination is generally automatic and apparently unconnected to attentional processing. (The cerebellum modulates muscular coordination and intuitive thought, metaverts have heightened abilities of both physical and mental coordination)

Metaversion: Vertical and Horizontal Integegration

With the mature intuition of developed Metaversion, the higher centers of the brain will be able to undertake many operations simultaneously in parallel; linear thinking will be complemented by fully developed lateralism. True wisdom is realized. 

Complete Physical Brain Integration

The entire brain literally runs in parallel, and attention ceases to be a bottleneck in any cognitive processes; attention moves to the witnessing meta-intelligence.

Mature Intuition involves determining and mastering one’s own fundamental beliefs and knowledge of ones metacognitive processes, to go beyond metacognition into the realm of meta-metacognition.

Our highest-level self remains awake and aware of the unique subjective perceptions defining our person, and can manipulate our perceptions almost as though senior to them, heightened sense of automatic awareness. 

One becomes the meta-programmer of one’s own mind – and one can apply the same, more objective intelligence to recognizing, defining and solving life problems.

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