Relationship Triads and the Psyche Metaphor

Conformity means that one is not aware that they are more than the role they play. They may say they understand this concept, but all of their words and actions speak to the contrary, and they’ve not yet accepted enough challenges to develop the perspective that reveals to them that they are not their role. (Slow Grower, more fearful, more conformed, less confident)

Awareness means the knowledge one has of their role (self-awareness) and of others roles (awareness in general). The level of ones awareness will attract others of similar levels awareness, who understand that particular language, or communication style.

The Relationship/Psyche Triad: Providing the tension for drama or passion

The Perfectionist: (Overly Conformed) Rule Follower, yearns to be a good person (play their role perfectly) Typically the female role

The Hero: Archetypical Role: (Conformed) Leader, the others want to emulate their act, they appear to follow their script well. Typically the Male role

The Rule Breaker: (Resists Conformity): Guide, wants to break free from the chains of normalcy and express themselves as they truly are. Typically the teenager role

These three archetypes tend to show up in friendships, and comprise the Ego, The Superego and The Shadow/Id in the individual in psychological terms.

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