If we don’t know what motivates us, or know ourselves well enough to recognize why we honestly do and don’t do the things that we do, how can we correct ourselves and grow?

Reasoning it out by ourselves or with friends, may shed some light upon our drive, but only we know emotionally and internally what we need to do. Over-Reasoning hones our skills at negotiating with others, getting what we want and it improves our skills at employing defense mechanisms (and other clever ways of justifying our behavior), that can eventually become automatic.

Reasoning is a technique to bring others to our way of thinking or to confirm our own feelings on the matter, but it is rarely (besides in the sterilized workplace, as it is a necessary compromise) the primary modality of making the best choices. 

Intuition is the best and only accurate way of making the best choices, reason and logic, absent intuition abstracts our awareness. We get too concentrated on our reasoned strategy and lose the focus of the real “why” we do what we do.

Intuition is an emergent phenomenon comprised of ones worldview (ones own fundamental personal beliefs), experiential learning and ones perspective deliberately gained, ones active and integrated knowledge-base, ones self-confidence and ones perceived role(s). Intuition becomes automatic when all of the constituents of intuition are aligned, and ones beliefs are completely ones own.

Reason absent intuition is analogous to technology without understanding the “why” we need the technology, how it fits into the big picture and how it effects all of the other parts of the many systems of which it is a part. To reason well one must minimize the impact of ones beliefs and experiences upon ones current and ongoing experiences. Lack of awareness increases ones dependence on reason, and reduces their practice and ability to intuit.

Integrative thinking has been lost on the many, but it is the basis of critical thinking and creativity. Strategizing ones way through life, is a way to lose ones critical thinking skills, and intuition.

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