Traditional Gender Roles and Expectations: The Normal Perspective

“Women and Children First”: we treat women like children, men die (hero’s journey) as it is their archetypal gender role. Women’s gender role, centers more around desirability of appearances.

The Prince saving the helpless Princess mythology, happily ever after, the damsel in distress, etc…

Men are tough, women are expected to express themselves emotionally, men are expected to Stuff it or not feel.

There has been a cultural and sexual revolution that has changed the rules, and caused those who require external constructs to get confused with the mercurial socially acceptable norms. 

The result has been women trying to survive with fewer hero’s to choose from, and women possessing more earning power and choice. As a result, confusion has been the norm for those who turn outside of themselves for guidance (primarily women).

Since money rules our materialistic culture, there has been a redistribution of power and when combined with confusing societal norms, has led to broken homes, divorce and lack of commitment towards marriage and commitment in general.

Those women who compete well with men in the workplace, do not receive the same benefits that men do, from the alpha perspective. 

In general men do not care about about a woman’s job or her earning power, the same is not true at all for women. Men are expected to succeed and provide, women are expected to keep a clean home and not stray, while looking pretty.

The captain goes down with the ship, the leader dies while the less committed scurry. Responsibility cannot be fully understood until one has led and stood alone when everything has failed. 

Those safe in rescue boats that judge the dying mans screams from their own perspective, are children still. Those who judge and condemn the captain while on the shore as he dies, possess little if any perspective and maturity. 

Women compete with men for positions that have traditionally been hero positions intended for men, however they are not held to account for the hero expression that men are. It’s the hero’s journey for women absent the pain of the hero’s journey. 

Men, as a result, are lessened in value and expected to gladly accept non-hero positions (which lowers their street value and ability to compete for and with women), while women (who are valued for their physical attractiveness, not their hero expression) oust them from their archetypal societal roles.

The laws and societal norms (external constructs) continue to support a woman’s whims, while demeaning men.

This entire phenomenon, is hopefully a manifestation of a species wide evolutionary adaptation that fosters individual responsibility and intrinsic motivation, not the reliance upon each other for survival, certainty and security that is the norm today.

Traditionally primary relationships and nuclear families did last and forge strong family units, however they also breed codependency and an over-emphasis upon protection and safety, deferentially to individual and family internal growth and awareness.

Those who have adopted a judgmental posture in life, have done so primarily as a result of their upbringing and personal experiences, as judgement is the default position in our culture and certainly not individual responsibility and maturity. If citizens became too capable, the system and the government would potentially become undermined, therefore a populace is managed through the filters good, bad and guilt, resulting in a more compliant citizenry.

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