“I feel love when you………….for me”


I’ve never thought of love as what another can do for me, I’ve thought of love as a natural feeling that is a result of our own recognition of the soul and divinity of another. 

We can only love when we allow others to recognize our own soul and invest our own loving energy into “seeing” the souls of others.

That recognition can inspire us to act lovingly, and give to others, but the acts themselves are not love, only an expression of the love that we feel.

When we come to feel less love for another, it is not because their soul is any different, it’s because our own vision has become skewed.

Love is not subject to our personal rules for love, as love is not ours to control.

Love is never an act, it cannot be given or felt through some role that we play and believe in.

Our roles are an act that we convince ourselves are real. Our roles are not real, only love is real.

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