Tough Love

Like most things, addiction is poorly understood, especially when we apply reason above feelings, acceptance and empathy. 

Feelings are given nearly no deference, and reason is given nearly all deference, the exact opposite posture that is required to help others heal and move past their previous blindspots and misconceptions. 

People get bogged down in reason and hold themselves unable to comprehend chemical addiction, though it is but an external and pernicious variety of what we all understand and feel, it is an unmet need that we gratify wrongly!

The concept of “tough love”, is required for those who are completely lost in the grips of pain and addiction, and view the world from an external perspective. 

Those who are hurting for known internal reasons, require another strategy entirely, though like so many things people prefer the one sized fits all approach to actually working to see the problem from the perspective of the one in pain.

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