Their exist two lenses through which a man can peer and see his world and himself, the Individual (Subjective) view or the Universal (Objective) view of things.

The ordinary man notices only the individual (Subjective) and as such, his comprehension does not extend beyond the limits of the individual object itself. Through his eyes he sees only himself, only what he already knows and what he wishes the world to be for his own sake.

He with an eye to see synthesizes the individual into the universal, connects the dots and integrates his view of all things, not wasting his gaze on the particular, but instead experiences the world as it is intended to be seen.

One with the courage to know himself, without projecting his view onto the world around him, is gifted with a vision, his own but also a purely objective view of the world, a knowing, a certainty, not bestowed onto the ordinary.

In his quest for certainty, the ordinary man possesses only a Subjective reflection of all things, no matter how talented his subjective intellect may be, it can never approach the level of the man whose lens is free of himself. He must busy himself with the affairs that grab his attention which is rarely his own, with the specifics and trivialities of daily living, with what he thinks others demand of him, and with being right above others though he has never, in earnest, invested in his ability to discern truth from falsity.

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