Human Psychodynamics

Human Psychodynamics

“A body stays in motion, on its current trajectory, until a force acts to change its direction. Human Sentience allows that force to emanate from our internal realms as well from the external ones (as all physical objects, and life, are capable of being externally directed).

We are either motivated to act from our internal realms or from external sources, depending upon from which direction our awareness draws its energy, either from our own being or from outside of our being.

If our focus is gathered from outside of ourselves, so will our motivation come from outside of ourselves, and this posture will appear to provide us with a certainty that we require to feel comfortable within our particular environment.

If we possess sufficient access to our own being from within, we will likewise draw our motivation intrinsically, and that provides us with true certainty.

Both of these internal and external strategies reinforce themselves, and will motivationally direct our awareness until a more powerful force directs us otherwise, towards or away from our own being.

This is the principle power of love, or alternatively, the powerful attraction to one of its external substitutes.”


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