Consciousness, is a field that allows our souls to connect to one another, a space for the energy of the eternal to interact with the temporal, a gap bridging time with the timeless, the material with the immaterial.”

Awareness, is an expression of our human ability to channel our own experience, or not.  We can either actually “see” what is actually happening, or we think we can”

Self-Confidence, is our outward expression of our beliefs and our belief in our Self or our Being, we can either believe in our own or in another’s.”

Happiness, is functioning as ones own being, no matter ones internal or external variables.”

ļø”Growth, occurs when we are vulnerable enough to actively discern our own variables, internally and externally, which either hinder or help our expression as our full being.”

intelligence, is the potential to “see” things as they actually are.”

Trust, is believing in another.”

“Self-confidence, is believing in our Self, 

But True Self-confidence, is believing in our being.”


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