When a person does not understand, they will very often act as if they do understand, to buttress their ego from harm or exposure to others.

When a person understands very easily, they are required to act as if they do not understand, to make it appear that those who think they’re being insightful continue to feel good about themselves.

To force or require a person to act either way, is invalidating, it is control.

A true act of compassion, compels us to act, a false one only requires our acting skills.

To Control is to sin, to miss the mark. When we control we attempt to exert our free will above and over others.

Kindness is to accept what is, without the need to control others. 

We control in so many subtle ways, and control is the self-ego attempting to exert control over others and situations in our life, either consciously or not.

Awareness is having control of our want to control, while not knowing when we are attempting to control, produces more control from us.

We feel the need to control when we are fearful and we do not understand, though those who fear the most resist knowledge the most. 

Acting less able than we are capable of, ensures that we will be able to succeed in life, as acting is easier than experiencing and truly risking potential loss.

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