Energy, Motion and Position

“We are all made from energy at our most fundamental level. Energy is Energy, no abstracted form is more or less important than any other energy, because at the qualitative level it is all exactly the same substance.

Some possess less energy, and some possess more energy relative to one another, based upon ones work invested and the gifts one has been bestowed, but it’s the quality not the quantity that connects us all.”


Energy has a few interesting fundamental characteristics:

1. It can only be measured in one fundamental dimension, it’s magnitude, potency or amount.

2. It is an abstract concept, like consciousness, Gravity and love it cannot be seen, but only felt, and it is not objective in the direct perceptible sense.

3. It cannot always be perceived by all conscious beings. 

Animals and sensitive/aware people can discern energy more accurately than most humans.

4. Scientifically Energy is either is Motion Energy (kinetic) or ↔️ its in a Position Energy (potential), only one or the other, a dichotomy as together Motion and Potential Energy contain all of the Energy.

We can all easily discern movement, and we can easily mistake it for work that causes us to move forward, though more often than not, motion energy is squandered by the unaware, and the appearance of movement is often a deliberate distraction for true growth. 

Position Energy cannot be seen, it can only be discerned, and only discerned by the aware who know the difference between Motion and Position. The aware recognize one another through seeing and sensing another’s Position (or Potential), as movement alone is only an abstraction of what truly is.

Motion Energy: “Matter in Motion” Marx and Engels (Externalized locus of Control)
*It is Measurable macroscopically, abstract-able microscopically, charged, imbalanced, perturbed and polarized. 
*Motion energy provides the fuel, the motivation, the “energy” to move. 
*Motion Energy flows out of abstractions of nature, or from Superficialities, from the fundamental forces.
*It is analogous to technology, as it flows from what is true, from natures own laws, that we humans extrapolate for our own manipulations of nature. 
*An overuse causes destruction of Nature, and a destruction of our own being.

Position Energy: “Matter is Position” Energy in the form of an Investment, or work internalized, Potential Energy (Internalized Locus of Control) 
*It Includes: Gravity, Electromagnetism, The Strong Force and the Weak Force. The four fundamental forces of the universe and Nature. 
*Position Energy flows from the most fundamental forces of Nature, it’s laws cannot be changed or manipulated.

*An overuse causes failure in the material world.

Balance, Equilibrium, Health is the result of coming to know how energy (we) functions so that our awareness can continually grow and we can love more fully as a result.

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