Collateral Damage

Our body defends itself in several interesting and effective ways.

Our first line of defense is our boundary, our barrier, or our skin. It both delineates our physical self and our limits, and it is also an dynamic organ with infantry always at the and ready to fight at a moments notice, should any would-be invaders escape our skins initial wall defenses.

Our immune system recognizes self and attacks that which it does not recognize as self. 

Viruses, bacteria, and other foreigners that are perceived as threatening, are attacked by any number of specialized troops that capture, kill and dispose of potential threats.

To get to the site of attack, many immune attack cells are messaged from the forward troops already engaged in the battle. When the new recruits arrive, the process of inflammation provides more room for our immune soldiers to maneuver in battle.

This inflamed collateral damage can sometimes cause more damage to our bodies, than the invaders themselves. Like we do in our personal lives, when we overreact, we can cause lots of damage. 

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