Intuition, Trialectic Thinking

When it all comes down to it we all solve our problems in one, or all, of three different ways. Convergently, Divergently and/or Practically.

The most common strategy for solving problems is assembling the agreed upon data points into an existing known equation, and doing the math to arrive at one correct answer, or convergent thinking.

Convergent thinking is what is most commonly taught in our schools and is reinforced in most societal organizations, and it encourages the mentality of looking for certain facts and then plugging them into a prefabricated equation to come up with the agreed upon correct answer.

In contrast to Convergent Thinking, Divergent is open ended, or creative thinking, for the individual looks, for what is missing as well as determining if what is present are the correct variables to be evaluated for any specific challenge. And in the context of whole systems, not individual problems in isolation, to arrive at a better question that then leads to a better solution than ever before.

Practical application would be the true understanding of the fundamental nature of things, so that one can apply one’s understanding and knowledge to in the world, in order to solve problems in the actual moment accurately.

Practical application is truly the most important form of problem solving, because it’s the one we employ through our utilization of both convergent and divergent thinking. In this way we can each accurately conceive of effective real world responses to our challenges in the moment.

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