Pondering us

No Identity, No Fear. Strong Identity, Strong Fear, as an identity must be protected, lest it be lost. 

Our Identity Strength, or Confidence, is what fuels all of our lifelong ambitions and our sense of internal drive and purpose.

We grow in Confidence by meeting challenges that test our limits, which always cost us something and feels painful to us.

Winning reinforces our Confidence, losing motivates us to try harder next time.

Our Instincts fuel our carnal desires and must be satiated.

Our Confidence, is formed through the lenses of our experiences.

Our Reality is based upon who we believe we are.

Who we are, is based upon who we see (Introvert) and what the world sees (Extravert). 

Intelligence, as is Awareness, is ones vision of the game.

The higher our vision, the fewer rules we require.

Honor is having integrity to the highest ideals of ones role.

Overwhelm is the result of playing our role too intensely, and we must stop playing to recover.

We all play a role.

The Truth is whatever one believes.

The lower ones awareness, the less they see, the less they trust, and they grow to be less aware.

Awareness grows with less attachment, ultimate awareness comes eventually with few or no relationships.

Loving, as is Giving, is lightening the load of another.

Relationships last when they edify emotionally and benefit socially.

Opposites attract most strongly, likes more comfortably.

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