A Spectrum vs. Monochromatic

When you love people, and see them as their best, they know it and you feel it. 

When external circumstances change, those who don’t see the world in this way, waiver in their beliefs and behavior to adapt to their environment, as they do not possess adequate control of their internal realms. 

We can all have acute fits and upsets, it’s when we change people in our own minds, that we fail and lose their trust forever. 

I’ve had more trouble in life as a result of other people’s beliefs and projections, than I’ve ever created as a result of my own actions, though I take full responsibility for every experience in my life. 

This has been my lesson, people judge instead of actively acquiring the ability to discern experiences accurately. 

A love of people is requisite for a discerning, rather than the default judgmental posture. 

The world is a wide spectrum of color when we can discern, but only black and white when we settle for judgment and the appearance of being right and not actually being true to our being.

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