Our Own Reality

“If we want to know, we know, if we do not want to know, 

even the purest truth cannot convince us of anything.”


Our personal reality is formed from a mix of our genes and our experiences. 

To augment our own understanding of reality, knowledge must be actively sought through risking our own internal creative angst, by seeking out the challenges that we know we must conquer and by meeting the ongoing obstacles that life throws at us every day. 

The latter is required of us if we are to survive, the second if we are to thrive and the first is we are to truly live.

Our perspective can be very narrow or very wide, our fundamental human endowment of choice, or directing our view of reality onto our world, sets the tone for our experiences either very narrow or very wide. 

We control the volume and the clarity of our life experience, or we do not, that is power of human awareness.

We direct our own life experience, or by default, we are directed.

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