A Playground with Things

The world can be viewed as a playground or a place of things

The playground, because of its inherently subjective nature (a lucid mind is required), the interpretation of the playground is difficult to agree upon and we see its ubiquitous expression, in imaginistic and representational story form.

The place of things, is that world that we assign value to (hierarchical rank from good to bad), a place where all things have meaning. This meaning, which is shaped as a consequence of our social interactions, implies what our actions should be, and is the basis upon which we develop strategies that structure our behavior and actions. 

It’s formal expression is displayed in the methods and theories of the necessarily objective scientific method, that came into full fruition during the Age of Reason. 

Reason and Rationality, or the removal of all subjective understanding, are new phenomena of our species being only 400 years old. 

We survived and thrived as a developing species for millions of years before the adoption of reason over intuition, we cannot know what the longterm benefits of rationality will be, though we’ve seem to think we do.

Science allows for increasingly precise determination of the consensually validatable properties of things, and for efficient utilization of precisely determined things as tools, once the direction such use is to take has been determined, through application of more fundamental narrative processes. 

The objective analytic process proceeded by the subjective process (an unintegrated and reductionistic process, the left mistakenly leading the right).

No complete worldview can be conceived of without both views of the world, as in reality they cannot be untangled, they are in fact one action, even if the rational mind believes it can untangle them.

The pre-enlightenment and pre-rational mind (primitive mind), did not separate the object from the subject, and through the creative use of imaginistic narrative representations (story, myth, drama, art…), relayed experience, meaning, truth and right action to one another and posterity.

The Scientific Method provides us with a very successful way for us to proactively shape our environment as we see fit, not necessarily for the adaptation to our ever-changing physical surroundings (but perhaps motivated by an unhealthy and poorly understood group psychic adaptation (cultural) which cannot itself effectively determine meaning and value via the scientific method), through new strategies, techniques and technologies.

Mental Health, Perhaps…

Perhaps Mental Health is…

Letting energy in without changing its frequency or direction, and allowing it to flow out intuitively and naturally normally, but deliberately and focused when it serves us and those we love. 

Perhaps our psyche, and it’s relative lucidity, disperses energetic inputs or focuses them where they need to be.

Perhaps this is truth and not our abstracted conception of it, no matter our particular language or ideology.

Perhaps a polarized perception, or worldview (belief system), is a way that we humans squander the potential of our consciousness awareness, and misuse the energy attached in matters of little import. 

We are unfocused to the extent that our perception distorts truth and harms us.

Violence and injury would be a lessening of our individual and collective impact on our contribution to the world.

Snowy Owl

Yesterday I ran into a childhood friend and he asked me to go clam digging with him at the Oregon coast, about a 90 minute drive. 

When we got to the ocean it was foggy and then the fog and the clouds cleared opening up to a beautiful star filled sky!  

I got as many clams as the law would allow, and during the last 30 minutes of clamming the weather turned into the most heavy sleet filled rain that I can remember! 

By the time we got back to our truck we were soaked and freezing. 

We all wore headlights so that we could see what we were doing, and as I walked back to the truck the light from mine lit up the rain and sleet making it appear as if little streams of white and yellow energy darting all around me. It’s as if the weather and my light had conspired to reveal to me the most surreal dance of energetic light, and despite my discomfort I became lost in the moment.

When we finally arrived back home at my friends house, a snowy owl (white) was starring at us, just standing on the grass about 10 yards from us. I snapped a quick picture before it took flight revealing its huge white and black speckled wings.

A cool experience as snowy owls are rarely seen south of the Arctic and subArctic regions.


Inside Out

We learn to learn, then we learn to be taught.

We live life ourselves, then we live it through others.

The more of us there is, the more we stay inside.

The more of us there are, the more we go outside.

Stuck on the outside we lose us, but hope for it all.

Getting back inside can take a life time, or not at all.

The Sun

“We do not gaze at or enter into the sun directly, but life flows from its warming rays and vision is gifted us from that which it illuminates for us. What we see is who we are.”☀️-Gump


When we feel overwhelmed, not acceptable, or unworthy we feel the strong need to return to our old comfortable reality by shutting off our awareness of what is actually happening to us.

We stop listening, do not want to know, we go inside and rely too heavily upon ourselves, or things outside of ourselves, thusly losing our way for awhile.

The cure begins with discipline, doing without, when it’s best for us to go without, which reignites and illuminates the way of our true path.