Life Goes On, Life’s Strategies

Life relies on two basic strategies when it comes to interacting with its environment and thriving within it.

The basic building block of life, the cell, either lives as long as it can, attempting immortality (nerve cells that transmit information and energy), or in more challenging and harsh environments, the cell reproduces itself in a subsequent generation (reproductive cells, protective cells), thereby passing along its internal information automatically and passing on what it has learned in its life experience in any number a ways.

Sentient life must also pass along the information that it has learned, by words, behaviors, actions and acheivements. This transfer of wisdom, is most effective when the life passing on the information is highly aware, vulnerable and well reasoned. 

Hoping and guessing that ones information will be passed on accurately so as to help make the next generation more enlightened, is folly and not taking ones sacred duty seriously. 

Only truthful information is accurate and helpful and can actually be used to benefit subsequent generations. This is why knowing oneself and how the world works is so important for the survival and success of our species.

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