People first, and then the game, not the other way around!

A little unintegrated knowledge is a dangerous thing, as it provides the ignorant with the appearance of a mandate to act.

Humans are like self-programming robots. When we actually learn and then understand something as being true to us, we install the new belief into our unique lens of reality. 

The less it takes to convince us of a truth, the more easily we adopt new beliefs as being true, and the more we follow and look outside of ourselves for direction. We are ripe for programming and are highly suggestible to the influence of others. A marketers dream and a cult leaders quarry.

Eventually we continually need unconscious third party programming, we are now needy, we are addicted to something outside of our nature, but oh are we judgmental in the defense of our other directed behavior!

We sacrifice the appearance of certainty for our fear of an uncertain life, though life itself is and will always be intrinsically uncertain. 

When we’ve swallowed this bitter lie, we’ve conformed, we’ve settled and given up on a truly glorious and romantic being centered life, in favor of an externally controlled one in the game that has been created for us, though we believe in it with our very soul. 

Our role then seems so real to us, though we’ve never been more asleep and lost.

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