Right, Left or Both?

The left brain notices details and details about those details. It remembers definitions and meanings, as filtered through ones lens of reality, and stores them without emotion or context.

The left brain is the seat of language and loves to describe the particulars in life. It compares and ranks individual aspects of the whole.

Because of the left minds poor memory retention, it must fill in the gaps where it forgets, though we are often not aware of this. 

Ones accurate knowledge base and access to themselves and their creativity, is the best evidence of which cerebral hemisphere dominates their existence.

Our identity is reinforced by the accuracy of our memory storage and retrieval system located on the our right side of our noggin. 

If we rely upon our left brain, our identity and memories become fluid and uncertain. 

Our right brain holds fast to who we really are, relative to the whole, and provides the playground for our intuition and subsequently for our discernment and choices in life.

Our left brain brings us individual details, but it cannot assemble them, only the right brain can reveal to us the interconnectedness of all things. 

The right brain notices the big picture and connects the dots of the multi-sensory inputs that reinforce its rich episodic memory apparatus. The right brain is the seat of creativity, imagination and our artistic drive, in addition to protecting our most sacred memories.

Our left brain serves our right brain, which together serve us and our planet. 

19 out 20 of us are left brain dominate, through effort and awareness invested wisely, we can put the correct order of command back in our executive decision maker.

Through memorizing all of the reasons, facts, and techniques that we are programmed with, we can be correct 19 out of 20 times, it’s the that last 5% that makes us…us and human at the same time.

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