Learning, Experience, Knowledge and Fear

When we don’t know we guess and we judge, when we do know we see and discern, this is all quite obvious when you know through experience and the feeling of the actual visceral proximity to the truth that only lies within the action of doing.

Fear of what we do not know causes us to hold back and hold in, this fear leads to a lack of action and self-protection. By constructing walls to protect us from the potential of harm that any particular fear may cause us.

False-Security, is any security garnered from ones group(s) or outside of themselves. It can appear to be real and even strong in those who count on false-security to survive.

Security can only be built from the inside out, by reaching, learning and then risking what we’ve conceptually learned, or conceived of, so that we can actually know and then grow through deliberate experience.

We only learn experientially, actively and emotionally, not theoretically nor through rational and reasonable abstractions that the pretentious most often employ to appear true.

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