“Magic is psychically reorganizing energy or matter in a way that at least one observer cannot comprehend.

The smartest, most aware person in the room is by definition the most capable magician, and as such has much responsibility placed upon them relative to others. 

It’s those who cannot see their own magic that are the most wounded of all. It’s the magicians charge to reveal it to them!

As a child stuck on the magicians abstractions, believing in the trick keeps the unaware stuck. 

It’s never the particular trick, it’s the way we perceive and think about it, that frees us or keeps us bound.”

“Those who have a connection with their nature and their own being, are not so easily entertained by the tricks of other magicians, which the unaware have no motivation to truly comprehend, as the aware sees and lives by the underlying natural principles that makes magic itself real, yet evasive, to the masses.”


An aligned intellect and awareness, allows us to accurately focus our intention. 

Life experiences and any subsequent internal growth, develops what we see and what we know our world to be, while our psyche either purifies or taints our worldview, relative to our individual perspective.”


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