The Group and the Individual

Individual creativity and expression is quelled by the group, as group expression is quelled by the individual.  

If the individuals possess little or no uniqueness, then the group becomes more important than its individual members, and the individuals creative expression is lessened and made less vital.

While groups are necessary for the survival of the whole, without the creativity of the individuals that make up the group, there will exist no growth of the group and it will eventually fail due to the demands of the ever changing environment that the group and the individual must exist within to survive. 

Creativity is mandatory for the individual to manifest new strategies, and for the group to to subsequently implement them, for without individual creativity we all die.

Intuition is our natural way of manifesting accurate and natural ways of creatively surviving, coping with and thriving within any environment in which we find ourselves.

Our individual role is determined by the information stored within our own individual cells, and our own experience of our environment relative to our unique internal code. 

One of several fundamental archetypes (Jung proposed 12 fundamental archetypes) is approximated by each of us through our own unique genetic code and our combined sensual experiences, and is a strategy of quickly understanding each other’s general characteristics, motivations and drives that have been assigned to each of these archetypes.

Generalities and pre-programmed thinking patterns and behaviors, are managed by left hemisphere of our brain as a way of simplifying and reducing our energy requirements within our environment. 

Energy is fundamental but always finite within our environment, and must be found, procured and utilized, as we are energetic creatures. 

The right brain allows us to assimilate the total experience of our environment relative to ourselves, by acting as a synthetic representation of the whole of our experience. 

While the left brain collects the data for our overall representation. The right leads the left in acquiring and integrating the correct data into the whole, so we may accurately decode our environment and our perception of reality.

While locating energy and procuring it has been a fundamental task and traditionally requires most of an animals time and resources for its physical survival in this life experience, it is the psychic and emotional experience that we humans can manifest to direct, receive and experience time uniquely, that makes us human.

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