It’s all in your head

We are who we are, it’s our lack of faith and the resultant lack of confidence in ourselves that keeps us both overly self-conscious and perpetually judgemental of ourselves and others when considering what is acceptable behavior for we humans.

If we did not squander our energies parsing out the differences between other people relative to ourselves, we could focus our vital energies on the fundamental creativity that we are all capable of and perhaps direct our energies, and focus our contributions towards this world in a way that lifts all ships. 

Instead much of our energy and time is wasted stewing over whether we or others are good enough, socially acceptable and whether or not we or they play our chosen roles properly.

Our behavior is mostly a function of our own unique genetic blueprint and the physical apparatus that it codes for relative to our particular experiences, rather than the appearance of our ability to express as good or bad according to our own assumed and others ideologies.

Our behavior is actually a function of our own state of cognitive development and awareness, and ultimately our resultant life expression.

We are primarily determined by our genes, rather than any inherent or contrived saintliness, relative to any particular set of rules or ideologies one may subscribe to for acceptable behavior or salvation.

We are gifted with a temperment prior to developing fully in the womb, how we wield our energies is a function of the quantity and quality of the power plant, storage capacity and processing circuitry that we have betwixt of ears first and foremost. 

Where, how and whether on not we drive ourselves, and how we respond to the climate and roadways that we motor past on our life’s journey, can be viewed through discerning eyes from within, or judging eyes from without.

Judgment is the lens that we spawn when we view the world through the eyes of our socially conditioned and separating left mind, whereas we are gifted with discernment when through our own perseverance we coax our right hemisphere into guiding us intuitively and naturally throughout our lives. 

There are no shortcuts, techniques or time saving strategies for the investment that we all must make in ourselves, if we are to truly know, live and experience as we were truly born to.

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