Snowy Owl

Yesterday I ran into a childhood friend and he asked me to go clam digging with him at the Oregon coast, about a 90 minute drive. 

When we got to the ocean it was foggy and then the fog and the clouds cleared opening up to a beautiful star filled sky!  

I got as many clams as the law would allow, and during the last 30 minutes of clamming the weather turned into the most heavy sleet filled rain that I can remember! 

By the time we got back to our truck we were soaked and freezing. 

We all wore headlights so that we could see what we were doing, and as I walked back to the truck the light from mine lit up the rain and sleet making it appear as if little streams of white and yellow energy darting all around me. It’s as if the weather and my light had conspired to reveal to me the most surreal dance of energetic light, and despite my discomfort I became lost in the moment.

When we finally arrived back home at my friends house, a snowy owl (white) was starring at us, just standing on the grass about 10 yards from us. I snapped a quick picture before it took flight revealing its huge white and black speckled wings.

A cool experience as snowy owls are rarely seen south of the Arctic and subArctic regions.


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